How to: Cut a Pineapple

After living in Hawaii for the past 4 years, I like to believe that I have mastered the art of cutting a pineapple. This delicious fruit is one of my favorites here on the island and have developed a specific technique when preparing pineapples for smoothies, snacks or fruit salads. Here are instructions for how I like to cut a pineapple.


  • one ripe pineapple


Step 1: Pick a beautiful, ripe pineapple (you can either smell or feel the pineapple to determine if it is ripe)


Step 2: Hold the pineapple with one hand and grad the crown of the pineapple with your other hand. Twist and pull the crown off. (Or it may be easier to cut the crown off)


Step 3: Place pineapple on cutting board and start cutting off the outer layer (around the whole pineapple!)


Step 4: Lay pineapple on its side and cut off the remaining outer layer on both ends of the pineapple. Be sure to cut out the rest of the skin, but don't cut too deep, you want to savor as much pineapple as possible!


Step 5: With pineapple still on its side with the skin removed, cut into 1-inch slices, giving you circular pieces.


Step 6: Cut pineapple slices in halves (as many pieces as you like) and serve!

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