New York City, NY

Summer 2014: I spent nine weeks in New York City where I interned at a PR firm. I was a little nervous to go on this journey across the country alone... big city, new place, too many people. Sounds like LA, right? Thank goodness my sister, Jennifer, accompanied me for the first few days of my trip, to ease me into the wonderful chaos of the busy city.

There were so many things to do with so little time (Jen was only in NYC for 4 days!). Broadway, PIZZA, pubs, street food, shopping, TimeSquare and much more. 


Jennifer was already a pro when it came to the NYC lifestyle... she has the fashion, the navigation, the broadway inspiration, all we needed was a schedule to do everything she had in mind. The days went by so quickly with my sister there. We found our way to Brooklyn, the Statue of Liberty, The MET (xoxo), Broadway shows and enjoyed amazing food. Sadly, the four days were gone in a blink but I was excited to start my nine-week internship in New York City. 


I stayed at the NYU dorms while I interned in NYC. I worked with fabulous professionals and registered dietitians that were an inspiration to get involved in PR focusing on nutrition communications. I worked with one other intern (from upstate New York) who joined me on our lunch breaks in Washington Square Park and later became my occasional weekend tour guide.

During the first few weeks of my internship, the days went by slowly. Which I loved. I was learning about new clients and products and the responsibilities involved in working in PR. I can not say much about my experience working at a PR firm in NYC due to confidentiality, but I do know I learned valuable skills and found many more reasons why I want to get involved in nutrition communications.

My mom planned a visit for the Fourth of July weekend. During her visit we went to Coney Island and enjoyed some hot dogs at Nathan's Famous, saw three Broadway shows (Pippin, Chicago and Mama Mia), shopped in TimeSquare and went to a wonderful Italian food venue called Eataly where my mom and I enjoyed some the finest Italian pasta, bread, beer and wine! 


But eventually my mom had to leave and return to California... so I continued to wander the city on the weekends and use the subway (I called it the METRO!) all by myself. I found my way to the High Line Park, the Empire State Building, and Central Park. I also went to see Wicked in TimeSquare and decided last minute to attend a New York Yankees game.

image (2).jpeg

Two words. KATY PERRY. The best concert I have ever been too and the most memorable experience. I did go to the concert by myself but I still had one heck of a time at Madison Square Garden! Love, LOVE, LOVE! That's all I can say about that. 

I was also excited to know my friends (and past coworkers) moved to Brooklyn from Honolulu just two months prior to me joining the club in New York. This gave me the opportunity to explore Brooklyn with a little help from my friends. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge,  China Town and Little Italy, did some shopping in SoHo, and watched the World Cup at the local bars. It was amazing. They definitely made my experience worth while and I will never forget it.  

image (2) copy 2.jpeg

As my experience in NYC came to an end I found the time to meet up with my cousin, Lauren, in NYC. She lived in Rhode Island, where she went to culinary school and at this time she was planning the big move to NYC to start a new job. So of course we had to meet up! We were able to get together the weekend before I left for California. We went to the 9/11 Memorial to honor those who were lost, it was an emotional and extraordinary experience. After that we ate at a local diner and caught up on old times until she had to catch a bus back to RI.

image 7.33.33 PM.jpeg

The nine-weeks went by in a blink of an eye... or thats how I look at it now. My experience in general was one I will never forget. I lived it up in New York City during the summer of 2014 and explored as much as possible. This internship and opportunity to live somewhere I had never been to before has definitely opened my eyes to the world. I want to explore, experience and enjoy what I can while I'm still young. I think if anyone ever gets an opportunity like this, take it. And write about it, photograph it and never forget it.

See you again, New York City.