Mount Shasta, CA

I am a So-Cal girl but I do have to admit to loving the Nor-Cal scenery. I took a trip to Mount Shasta once and it is a trip I thoroughly enjoyed because I am a big fan of mountains and snow. (I grew up going up to our cabin in Big Bear and it has been a while!) I was excited to go on this trip with my boyfriend because it was our first of many trips we have gone on together. 

So we decided to plan this awesome trip around the time he was looking at going to San Francisco for school. So we flew from Hawaii to San Fran (check out my San Fran trip here!)

 Ryan thinking about what to do on our trip! 

Ryan thinking about what to do on our trip! 

 a treat before our flight ;)

a treat before our flight ;)

 BYEE HAWAII-- HELLO SAN FRAN! My view from the plane (HNL-SFO)

BYEE HAWAII-- HELLO SAN FRAN! My view from the plane (HNL-SFO)

THEN we rented a car and drove up to Mount Shasta! It was sooo fun to go on an adventure that neither of us had been on.

So, it did take about 4 hours to drive up to Mount Shasta so we decided to detour and go through Chico to try some of our favorite beer at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. 

We had a few more hours to go before we got to our motel in Shasta. And boy, did the temperature drop!

So the next morning, (after checking into our motel at midnight!) we decided to drive up to the nearest town, WEED. And yes I did buy souvenirs and a shirt that said "University of WEED" on it. It was funny at the time! After our little shopping spree, we headed up to Mount Shasta itself!

On the way up the mountain it was sunny and green and happy... but once we got half way, there was SNOW EVERYWHERE.

We got a little nervous because we didn't have chains and the roads got icy out of nowhere!! Thankfully?... the road came to an end only half way up Shasta because there was too much snow to keep driving and you couldn't see more than 20 feet in front of you! So we got out of the car and played in the freezing snow for like 20 minutes! The wind did eventually pick up and those of us from Hawaii could not take it and decided to head back to town where we grabbed some food and hung out in our room. (where it was warm!)

The next day we started our morning at the local Black Bear Diner. It reminded me a lot of Big Bear and how the small town was somewhat like a little family. Everyone was friendly and nice and had smiles on their faces! We had some hearty food and delicious coffee <3

After breakfast we just googled places to see, to be honest. We then decided to drive to Shasta Lake which was actually quite gorgeous and huge! Across the lake was a mansion and my boyfriend and I thought how cool it would be to live there! But of course, private property and we couldn't go visit. DARN!

We then drove to the Shasta National Forest where we spontaneously decided to do the 3-mile Mount Shasta Loop trail! Where I thought it'd be cute to take outdoorsy/yogi type photos. How'd I do?! (pictured below)

After a long day, we got back to town, checked out some of the local shops where I found (and Ryan bought) the most beautiful Larimar stone ring for me! This little shop had a bunch of crystals and stones that were from Mount Shasta or other places and were made into jewelry or decor. It was amazing to see.

We then got some food after our shopping spree and called it a night and spent because we had a long drive back to San Fran the next morning.

Since we only spent two days in Shasta, we spent most of our time driving around trying to find scenery to gaze at and places to eat. It is a small town and since we went in September, it wasn't a winter wonderland YET so we had a mix of sunny and snow while we were visiting.

Overall, Mount Shasta was easy going and quiet. I definitely would like to go back to Mount Shasta during the winter and see how far up we can actually go up the mountain (I think there's another road up) and just enjoy it knowing what is there. I had fun with my boyfriend and am happy to put this in the books for a successful couples trip!


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